President’s Corner

President’s Message

pcruz Greetings from the New York chapter of the American Choral Directors’ Association!

 Whether you’ve stopped by this webpage to look for repertoire ideas, job openings, conducting help, to connect with colleagues, or for some other reason, take a moment to consider the responses of our youngest singers. They are a vital reminder of why we do what we do, why we started singing and making music in the first place, and that we do has incredible value because it brightens the world for anyone coming into contact with singing. Thank you for being part of our choral community!

Penelope Cruz, NY-ACDA President


Responses from the members of the 2014 NY-ACDA Elementary Children’s Honor Choir
Susan Brumfield, conductor

When I sing, I feel special. I feel powerful, like I have a voice.

When I sing, I feel confident; like I can do anything! I feel joyful, optimistic and inspired! I feel peaceful and relaxed; relieved from stress and jealousy. I can be free with what I say, and it doesn’t matter who’s listening.

I feel free.

When I sing, I feel excited to make other people joyful. I feel like the music is taking me away; like I am being taken to the world the writer is trying to express. Singing takes me to a different world that is meant for me. I’m 100% unstoppable, alone, yet full of joy.

When I sing, I feel unique, even though many other people do it. I feel special, even though I might not be the best; in control, even if I’m getting directions from the conductor. I feel like nothing else in the world matters.

When I sing, I feel like myself, not someone I want or need to be. I feel like my life is complete.

When I sing, I feel free. I feel free. I feel free!